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If you need assistance with heating repair, replacement, or installation, call us at 703-338-2770 for assistance. I-HVAC has been delivering reliable heating services for over a decade. Our team of skilled HVAC technicians ensures your satisfaction with their professionalism and expertise. We proudly serve all of Northern Virginia and nearby areas.

Common reasons for Heating repairs in Northern Virginia can include

Malfunctioning thermostat:
Issues with the thermostat can cause inaccurate temperature readings, leading to uneven heating or cooling in the home.

Ignition or pilot light problems:
Faulty ignition or pilot light can result in the furnace not igniting properly or not staying lit, causing heating system failure.

Clogged air filters:
Dirty or clogged air filters can restrict airflow, causing strain on the heating system and reducing its efficiency.

Blower motor issues:
Problems with the blower motor can result in poor air circulation, inadequate heating, or loud noises coming from the system.

Mechanical wear and tear:
Over time, components of the heating system can wear out or become damaged, leading to decreased performance or complete breakdown of the system.

Heating Maintenance Services in Northern Virginia

Heating units require regular maintenance to ensure a longer lifespan and optimal performance. Our expert technicians can address common issues such as fan blade problems, flame sensor malfunctions, igniter failures, capacitor issues, gasket leaks, and pressure switch abnormalities early on, helping to prevent costly breakdowns and repairs to your HVAC system.

Contact us now to schedule a comprehensive tune-up for your furnace. Our skilled technicians will inspect your heating system for potential leaks, low pressure, and signs of wear and tear. Tuning the system will allow it to run consistently and efficiently, helping to avoid excess wear and premature damage.

At our HVAC company, we provide top-notch heating maintenance and tune-up services. Investing in a regular tune-up can pay for itself by increasing your system’s efficiency and extending its overall lifespan. Don’t wait, contact us at (703) 338-2770 to schedule your heating unit maintenance and tune-up today!

AC/Heating Maintenance Plan

We Service your HVAC twice Per Year
$ 24
  • Priority Service

AC/Heating Maintenance Plan

We Service your HVAC twice Per Year
$ 299 Annually
  • Priority Service

Why Choose Us for Your AC Needs?

When it comes to AC services like installation, replacement, and repair, trust our skilled professionals for top-notch results that will prepare your home for the hot season. If you notice any signs of AC failure, count on I-HVAC to help with your new air conditioning installation. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, and our work is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us at 703-338-2770 or request an appointment online for reliable AC services.