Heat Pumps Services

Repair, Installation & Maintenance

Heat pumps have changed the way we heat our homes since their invention. Although, their reputation has not been the greatest due to efficiency during cold spells; we can assure you that inefficiency is a thing of the past. I-HVAC Solution offers heat pump systems that can keep your home comfortable even in the coldest of weather. New heat pump systems can produce more comfortable heat when temperatures are below the freezing point. With new inverter AC DC motors, your system can yield a high heat output at lower energy consumption and higher comfort levels. For freezing days heat pumps are equipped with an auxiliary heat back up that can reduce the stress of your system and keep you warm.


24/7 Heater Repair service in Virginia

A perfectly installed heat pump will continue to make you comfortable all year round. Since they provide hot air, they function as both air conditioners and heaters. During the colder months, they transform the outer air into heat and circulate it through your home. During the warmer months, they transfer hot air in the home to the outside. If you are experiencing issues, give our heat pump repair service expert a call.

Heat Pump Installation

Quality and trustworthy home heat repair experts develop satisfied customers for life.  We promise to do everything in our capacity to repair your heat pump, but some situations will require a brand-new heat pump. If you need an upgrade, we are your go-to company!  We offer quotes for heat pump installation without any hidden charges. Please contact us for a reliable heat pump repair, maintenance, and installation services in Virginia.