Specialized HVAC Services

Repair, Installation & Maintenance of HVAC units

A cozy home interior is more than just a convenience, it’s essential. The experienced and skilled team at I-HVAC Solutions has helped many homeowners in Virginia to achieve the cozy home they deserve. We offer reliable and custom HVAC services in Virginia.

Whether you are keen to deflect the summertime heat and humidity or you just want to ward off the chill of winter, I-HVAC Solutions offers custom HVAC services, specialized HVAC technologies and exceptional customer service that you need. You won’t find a better heating and cooling company than us.


Unit Relocation

A comfortable home starts with your heater and AC relocation. We are happy to assist you in finding the best equipment that suits your home. We will always ensure that you enjoy an amazing system with the lowest heating and cooling costs. Whether you need a new furnace or AC unit relocation, our knowledgeable technicians will assess your home, discuss your needs, recommend and install the best products.

Hot water heater replacement

There is nothing like a hot and steamy shower to take away the aches of a long day’s work.  However, you don’t need to stress when your water heater gives out because we are just a call away!  We will ensure your water heater is replaced quickly and efficiently. At I-HVAC Solutions, we specialize in providing the best water heater replacement service in Virginia. We will help you to make the most of your system.

High efficiency systems repairs

Regardless of the brand of your heating system, you can depend on I-HVAC Solutions to offer effective repair and replacement services. From electric furnaces to heat pumps, we can service all heating appliances. I-HVAC Solutions can maintain any type of high-efficiency systems with ease. We service all major brands. We can handle repair and installation of a wide range of heaters which include natural gas and propane-powered heating systems.

Custom Duct Modification

If you are not pleased with the way your heater and AC are working, there may be a problem with your ducts. I-HVAC Solutions offers duct repair and installation to get your system working again, even in the summer when it is more difficult.  If your air conditioner needs repair, I-HVAC Solutions can offer same-day service. Our trucks are well-equipped and ready to handle any air conditioning problem you have, regardless of the brand.